Winter activities in Kemi


Enjoy the beautiful winter landscape. In the  middle of the nature, the mind will rest.


Kiikeli, is a recreation area right next to the city centre of Kemi. Due to its easy location and easy access, the route is suitable for families with children as well as for the older population. The route starts from the Kiikeli bridge and goes to the Kiikeli point, where there is a shed and a bird tower by the sea. Enjoy picnics in the shade while admiring the beautiful winter landscape. From the point, you can continue the journey to the nearby forest and all the way to Sopula bridge, or alternatively return to the starting point along an unobstructed route.


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Veitsiluoto fishing spot

Veitsiluoto fishing spot is located in the southern part of Kemi, about a 10-minute drive from the center. The fishing spot consists of a freshwater pool surrounded by a trail called Tankokari trail, which is around five kilometers long. The trail is easy to walk on foot or in snowshoes in winter. Along the ring trail, there are six campfire sites as well as four refurbished sheds where you can stop to enjoy the picnic snacks.

Kivalo desert hut

Central-Penikka route is short, but demanding route, that runs to the top of the Central-Penikka lookout tower and desert hut. The route is part of the Martimoaapa mire protection area. The route starts from Kivalo parking area. The beginning of the route is an easy-to-reach road base, but rises for the rest of the way through the demanding rocky ground to the top of Central-Penikka. There is a dry toilet, a campfire and an observation tower in the courtyard. The views from above are breathtaking.


After the break, Snowcastle will reopen in January 2022. Before that, get in the mood at the year-round castle in the SnowExperience365 space. There you will find an ice restaurant as well as an ice slide and some ice sculptures. Here you will find more information about opening hours and entrance fees.


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After outdoor activities, enjoy some good food or steaming hot cocoa. See local cafes and restaurants on the site.


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From -site you will find other winter activities, like ice swimming, ice fishing and various safari options. The event calendar contains current events in the area. You can find more information about the outdoor routes here.