Small city tour


Luulajantie 94100 Kemi

Small city tour in Kemi

The center of Kemi is just the right size to explore on foot. The city is full of history and many of its buildings are remarkably old, but still very beautiful. Let’s take a short walk to explore the city.

The tour starts from the railway station in the courtyard of Cafe Hertta. The main building, marked with the trademark of the National Board of Antiquities respects its traditions. Inside, the beautiful log walls and calm atmosphere will calm even the busiest walker. Upstairs in the cafe, is PutiikkiHotelli Kemi 1932, where you can stay a night or more.

Cafe Hertta. Kuva: Kai Toljamo

As we continue our journey along Asemakatu, we can admire the old buildings around Asemanpuisto. Walking down the Etelärantakatu, we can still admire the wooden houses left in the city.


This picture is taken 1988, and the house is still inhabited. Kuva: Tikkala Leena
The same house as in the previous picture, taken 17.01.2022. Kuva: Kai Toljamo

We continue along the Etelärantakatu all the way to the Mansikkanokka and Kemi SnowCastle. SnowCastle area is today an area consisting of SnowCastle, GlassVillas, a camping area and a year-round SnowCastle building. The year-round building has sauna facilities for rent, a restaurant, a cafe, conference facilities, a shop and also some activities.

SnowCastle area. Kuva: Kai Toljamo


From the SnowCastle area, we can continue towards the harbour along the Mansikkanokka nature trail. At the same time, we pass the best beach in Kemi: Mansikkanokka beach. We arrive at the harbour and pass the restaurant Pursiseura, Meriklubi and restaurant Sataman Valakia. The history of these buildings goes back hundreds of years. Opposite these buildings is Kemi’s guest harbour, where the city maintains a winter swimming spot.

Mansikkanokka Beach in Kemi. Kuva: Kai Toljamo
Restaurant Sataman Valakia. Kuva: Kai Toljamo

From the guest harbour we continue walking forward. We will soon reach the heart of the harbour. Beautiful old wooden buildings exude history. In one of them, however, something happens: Sataman Krouwi restaurant serves travelers all year round.

Restaurant Sataman Krouwi. Kuva: Katriina Pikkarainen
Beautiful old harbour. Kuva: Kai Toljamo

We walk between the buildings up the hill where the restaurant Puistopaviljonki is located, in a beautiful historic wooden building. This house was built as early as 1893, and has been as the city’s office building, among other things. Today the best pizzas in Kemi can be found here!

Puistopaviljonki, picture taken at midsummer in the early 1900s. Kuva: Photo archive of Kemi historical Museum
Puistopaviljonki in January 2022. Kuva: Kai Toljamo

As we walk down the street towards Sauvosaarenkatu, we arrive at the oldest building in the city, the Penttilä house, which was built in 1874.


Penttilä house in 1986. Kuva: Photo Archive of Kemi Historical Museum.
Penttilä house in January 2022. Kuva: Kai Toljamo

We continue along Sauvosaarenkatu and soon we are at intersection, where attention cannot be paid to a beautiful and special building: Junnelius’ house is a protected site and was built in 1901. Today the house has rental housing.

House of Junnelius. Kuva: Kai Toljamo

As we turn right from Junnelius’ house, we arrive at Kemi Church. The Church of Kemi was designed by architect Josef Stenbäck and was built in 1902. The church reflects the influences of continental Gothic style. There is also soldier’s grave in the churchyard.

Kemi Church. Kuva: Katriina Pikkarainen

From the church, the journey continues towards the Kemi town hall. Kemi Town hall was built in 1940 and was soon after that the target of an attack by Hitler’s troops in 1944. As a miracle, the building was spared.

Kemi Town hall. Kuva: Kai Toljamo

Nowadays, in addition to the city administration, there is restaurant Hertta Sky on the 13th floor of Town hall. It is a good idea to end the city tour here with lunch and explore the city from above!