The lush nature and a breeze of history a mere stone’s throw away from Kemi – an incomparable experience.

The Laitakari island is situated aproximately 20 minutes drive from the Kemi Inner Old Harbour. There are yacht piers in Rauhanlahti and one pier in the mid-section of the eastern side of the island.

Laitakari is an enchanting combination of untouched nature, park-like areas and versatile cultural remains. On the island you get to enjoy rare surroundings and silence, explore traces of the past or sit by an open fire at one of the two lean-ons. The Laitakari sawmill island got its first residents in 1860 and the mill was launced in the summer of 1862. The River Kemijoki transported logs to the Laitakari sawmill all the way up to 1939 when the saw operations on the island were shut down. For many Laitakari was also a home island. More history and stories of the life on the island on the website.

Laitakari can be reached by a private boat or a cruise starting from the Kemi Inner Old Harbour.