Kiikeli nearby forest


Kiikelin laavu 94100 Kemi

The marine Kiikeli nearby forest has for decades been an urban recreational area favoured by the Kemi residents. The area demonstrates the sustainable coexistence of industry and local residents. Kiikeli is a popular trekking destination all year round. The nearby forest is easy to reach: the starting point of the unobstructed route is situated in the immediate presence of the Kemi city center.

At the starting point of the Kiikeli bridge begins an all year round outdoor trail (2,4 km entirely). At the destination by the sea shore is an unobstructed observation tower as well as a lean-to for a calm break. At the lean-to you can relax watching the flames dance in the campfire and enjoy the different natural phenomena such as the midnight sun in summer and the starry sky in winter. If you’re lucky, from autumn to spring time you might get a chance to admire the arctic northern lights.