The Heritage Exhibition of Kemi Oy – on demand


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Pajusaarentie 129 94200 Kemi

The City of Kemi figuratively stands on wooded legs. The history of the city has been strongly influenced by sawmill and wood industry. The history of the industry can be experienced at the Heritage Exhibition situated at the Karihaara Main Office. The exhibition provides a comprehensive overview on the origin and growth of wood industry in the area.

The exhibition features narrative on the origins of the Kemi company in the 1800s, a detailed miniature of the Laitakari sawmill island as well as overviews on the early times of the hospital, school and living conditions of the workers. Memories from cultural, sporting and leisure time activities, not to mention the history of the labor movement, are featured as well. On display is also a reminder of the administrative glamour, a 1921 Rolls Royce which was even used to chauffeur the President when ever he made a visit.

Open on demand.