Skiing trails


Luulajantie 94100 Kemi

In the suburbs and neigbouring areas of Kemi aproximately 100 kilometres of skiing trails are maintained during winter of which aprox. 27 km is lit. The lights go on at 6 am and down at 10 pm.

The trails traverse through versatile terrain offering great potential for exercisers and trekkers. Here’s more detailed information on the skiing trails of the City of Kemi.

You can check out the locations and maintenance statuses of the trails in the Fluent Service.

Sun Ski Trails in winter

During winter the glimmering snow plains of the Bothnian Bay are fixed up with the Sun Ski Trails. The wintery Sun Ski Trails on the Kemi seaside have become the favourites of exercisers. There are several lean-ons in the near vicinity of the trails that criss-cross the sea ice and the archipelago. The trails are not lit.

For example:

Inner Old Harbour – Selkäsaari

  • length 5 km, starting point at the Inner Old Harbour
  • the trail also passes through the inner parts of Selkäsaari