Sea area recreational fishing


The Kemi sea area is suited for all kinds of recreational fishing. The landscape of the Kemi free recreational fishing area consists of the city buildings as well as the factories of Stora Enso and Metsäbotnia. In the other direction the sea opens up as vast and rocky. Regardless of the wood industry in the area the water quality in Kemi is good also in the coastal area. Natural populations: northern pike, perch, zander, whitefish, vendace (maiva), grayling, sea trout, salmon, bream, burbot. Transplanted populations: salmon, sea trout, rainbow trout, whitefish. The natural fishery of the Bothnian Bay includes a local rock whitefish (karisiika) which is a dwarfed form of whitefish. From the rivers that run to the sea come the migrating salmon fishes: migrating white fish (vaellussiika) and salmon. Graylings appear in the sea area naturally while more dense populations concentrate on the banks of the outer sea.

The fishing takes place in the area all year round. At sea the fishing methods are trolling, casting, still-fishing and ice fishing. The ice fishing season in winter lasts until the end of April.