Korpikylä 3320, Tornio

The Nivavaara fell, situated in Korpikylä village in Tornio, opens a beautiful view on the River Torniojoki and Sweden. Nivavaara is situated about 30 km north from Tornio. Turn right at Jokivarrentie 3320. In the intersection there is a sign that says näköalapolku. After crossing the railroad turn immediately left. Follow the road parallel to the track heading north for about 800 metres until you reach the starting point of the hiking trail.

The trail to the peak of Nivavaara is 700 metres long, well marked and its stair sections in good condition. On the peak there is a lean-on with a great view on the Tornio valley. Bring your own firewood. The resting place and observation deck are in a fenced area so there is no risk of falling.

Nivavaara served as a stopover spot for Pierre Louis de Maupertuis in 1736 when a French-led science expedition investigated the shape of the Earth by degree measurements. From Nivavaara they gazed upon the bell tower of the Tornio Church as well as Aavasaksa fell.