Sompujärventie Hangassalmenaho 95255 Alaniemi

Martimoaapa – Lumiaapa – Penikka swamp reserve is one of the most important in Northern Finland. It is also extremely significant for endangered birds. In addition to swamps the area consists of magnificent forests.

In the area one gets to enjoy the most fascinating trekking grounds and best fell sceneries in the vicinity of Oulu and Kemi. Martimovaara includes many wilderness huts, lean-ons and fire places. By utilising them it’s possible to trek even for days. During winter, when the swamps support trekkers, it’s possible to do long skiing trips.

Nature trail, 3 km
Fairy tale nature trail for kids.

Keski-Penikka observation tower route, 2 km per direction
Short but challenging trail to the observation tower situated on the peak of Keski-Penikka.

Järviaava round trail, 9 km
Nature trail spanning around Järviaava.

Martimoaapa hiking trail; 12,8 km
Hiking trail spanning accross Martimoaapa swamp reserve.

Lautiosaari – Puukkokumpu outdoor trail, 36 km
Skiing trail spanning accross the western part of Martimoaapa.

More detailed information on how to utilise Martimoaapa is on the website.