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Kivalot is an aproximately hundred kilometre long fell line which starts at the coastal area of the Bothnian Bay between Kemi and Simo reaching all the way up to Lapland and the River Yläkemijoki. At the highest the peaks of the fells rise 300 metres abowe sea level. The nature of Kivalo is variant. The Kivalo fell line is nowadays mostly used for trekking and leisure activities. There is for example a 13-kilometre hiking trail spanning from Martimoaava in Simo municipality to Kivalo fells. There are also two conservation areas in the northeast part of the fell line.

The Kivalo wilderness hut is situated on the peak of Keski-Penikka in the middle of a tor and is the easiest to reach by using the route of the Keski-Penikka observation tower starting at Kivalo’s parking area. From the hut there is only a kilometre’s walk to the closest road. In addition to the hut the courtyard also includes a fire place, an outhouse and a fire guard tower which nowadays serves as an observation tower. The room of the hut is fitted with a stove and provides quarters for four people. There is no water intake in the immediate vicinity of the hut, so water must be carried from a spring situated near Jääkärikämppä 1,5 kilometres away.


In the Kemi area there are lean-ons both on mainland near the exercise trails and on the lush islands of the Bothnian Bay. The lean-ons provide places to gather to during for example a boating, skiing or hiking trip. They are in disposal all year round and can be used for preparing fried sausages, buns on a stick or pot coffee.

The lean-ons situated closer to the city center are in Mansikkanokka and Kiikeli. At the Inner Old Harbour there is a fire place.

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