Exercise routes


Ruutinrannapolku 94100 Kemi

The City of Kemi Physical Services maintains exercise trails in different districts of the city. The length and toughness of the trails varies and some of them are lit. Along the trails are lean-ons for taking a break and for recreational use.
On the trails suited for running and walking exercises there is a fitness book station, kilometre markers, info boards and signs.
During winter the exercise trails serve as ski trails.
Dog walking on the trails is only allowed during summer and with leashed dogs.

The trails below can be found on this map.

Sauvosaari exercise trail
The exercise trail situated near the Sauvosaari sports park is 1 km long.

Pertajärvi exercise trailAt Lake Takajärvi begins a foresty trail which provides calming nature surroundings from the get-go. The route is 17 km long and lit all the way. At Lake Pertajärvi there is a lean-on, and at the beach of Lake Takajärvi, an exercise station with machines.

Jussapäkki exercise trail
The trail is 2,6 km long and lit.

Kuivanuoro-Mustakari exercise trail
The Kuivanuoro-Mustakari exercise trail is 3 km long. The trail is not lit.

Hepola-Paavonkari exercise trail
Beginning at the Paavonkari sports field the trail is lit and 3,1 km long.
The exercise trail connects to Kirnuvaara in the Simo municipality (6,5 km), the trail is lit and Kirnuvaara also has a lean-on.

Ajos exercise trail
The exercise trail is lit and 2,6 km long.

Kiikeli nearby forest
The marine Kiikeli nearby forest has for decades been an urban recreational area favoured by the Kemi residents. The area demonstrates the sustainable coexistence of industry and local residents. Kiikeli is a popular trekking destination all year round. The nearby forest is easy to reach: the starting point of the unobstructed route is situated in the immediate presence of the Kemi city center.

Tankokari trail
Situated in the southside of the city in the Rytikari district is the Veitsiluoto fishing spot, a nearby fishing area maintained by Veitsiluodon Kalamiehet fishing society. The freshwater basin is surrounded by a 3,5-kilometre Tankokari trail along which there are four lean-ons and piers. The area is also famous for observation of rare birds: a bird tower enables observing the bird migration in spring and autumn.