Mansikkanokan uimaranta 94100 Kemi

There are three public beaches in Kemi: Mansikkanokka, Paavonkari and Takajärvi. There is also an ice swimming spot in the inner harbour.
Municipal health authorities are responsible for monitoring the water quality of public beaches. All beaches have changing rooms and toilets. The beaches are maintained but there is no supervision.

Mansikkanokka beach is 250 metres long and it is located close to the centre of Kemi. It has three changing rooms, two toilets and two beach volley courts. At the northern end of the beach, there are about 50 parking spaces, and on the eastern side, about 30.
The fitness trail of Sauvosaari Sports Park runs next to the beach and there is also a children’s playground close by.

Paavonkari beach is about 100 metres long and located in the southern part of Kemi. There are about 20 parking spaces near the beach. Paavonkari has one changing room, two toilets and exercise equipment nearby.

Takajärvi beach is about 200 metres long and it is the only inland beach in Kemi. The water there is shallow and it is bordered by piers, meaning it is especially suitable for children. The beach has two changing rooms, two toilets, a beach volleyball court and a playground.
The ice swimming spot has heated changing rooms that are located in the basement of the premises of Kemi Workers’ Sailing Club (Sataman Tähden Alakerta, Rantabulevardi 27 aka Luulajantie7). There are separate changing rooms, toilets and shower facilities for men and women.
A 50-metre long path leads from the changing rooms to the hole in the ice, with stairs that go down to the water from the pier. There is a defrost pump that is switched off during swimming times.

Ajos Sandbar is also an interesting Place.

The ice swimming season is from 15 October to 30 April every year. You can buy a season ticket at the swimming pool ticket office either for the entire ice swimming season or for the autumn or spring season. You can also pay for one-time visits.