Why move to Kemi?


Why would you choose Kemi?

“Easy Living in Kemi.”  


That sums up living in Kemi well, living in Kemi really is easy and effortless.

Everything is near

In Kemi, everyday life rolls easily when everything is near. Kindergartens, jobs, hobbies and grocery stores are either a bike ride or at least a very short drive away. In this way, no extra time has to be spent to move between places. This is also good for students, because they will do well without a car.

Affordable living

It is affordable to live in Kemi. For the same amount you get a twin in big cities, in Kemi you can have spacious apartment for the whole family.

Geographical location

Kemi is ideally located, along a major highway. Kemi has an airport, a railway station and a bus station. For example a flight from Kemi to Helsinki takes only about 1h 30min. Good transport connections make it easier for the students to visit the hometown. The railway station is located right in the city center.


Kemi is a city, but there is also nature very close by.

Kemi on kaupunki, mutta siellä on myös luonto hyvin lähellä. Right from the city center you can get to nature and relax by the sea. There are many wonderful places nearby. 

Lots of activities

Kemi has 4 clearly different seasons. Different seasons allow different hobbies and activities throughout the year. The proximity to nature also allows for a lot of activities.


Despite its small size, Kemi has comprehensive city services.


Kemi has many hobbies for both children and adults. Kemi and its surrounding areas offer a wide range of hobbies and cultural services.

Health care

Kemi has comprehensive health care services, which can be reached easily and relatively quickly.

Education and early childhood education

Kemi has good opportunities for early childhood education and compulsory schooling. School and day care places don’t have to fight and are located close to home.


Kemi is a relatively small town and it is safe to live here.


By decision of the City Council in December 2017, KEmi is committed to the UK sustainable development goals, Agenda 2030.

In addition, the city has made a national social commitment in 2018: Commitment to 2050 the city of Kemi promised to reduce the use of plastic and increase its recycling.

The green and Sustainable Kemi operating model is also included in the city’s strategy. The commitments and strategy have been put into practice, driven by the Green and Sustainable Kemi project