An Idyllic Summer City Everyone Should Visit – 5 Reasons to Travel to Kemi This Summer


The coastal city of Kemi in Lapland offers travelers arriving by car or train the most magnificent summer stop on their vacation journey.

Are you still considering a domestic holiday destination for this summer? Kemi is a versatile city where you can simultaneously enjoy the unique nature of Lapland, the proximity to the sea, and a comprehensive cultural offering.

We have compiled five reasons to travel to Kemi this summer.

1. Charming Old Inner Harbor of Kemi

Located near the city center, the Inner Harbor is the undisputed gem of Kemi, often referred to as the city’s living room during summer. You can easily spend an entire day here, and its idyllic atmosphere and beautiful red warehouse buildings are worth admiring even from afar.

The Inner Harbor boasts several charming restaurants and cafes, as well as an ice cream kiosk located in the best spot in town. You can spend the day playing mini-golf, enjoying live music, or exploring the free cultural attraction, the old smokehouse of Yli-Jaakheikki from 1796. The Inner Harbor is also the departure point for island cruises around Kemi.

There is plenty to do for children in the Inner Harbor as well. On a warm summer day, you can head to the nearby Mansikkanokka beach, which is shallow and sandy. On the other side of the Inner Harbor is the nearby island of Kiikeli, where Lapland cows and adorable calves graze during the summer. You can walk for miles along the seafront and the waterfront boulevard, enjoying the tranquility and breathtakingly beautiful scenery.

2. The Archipelago of Kemi

The waters off Kemi are ideal for various water activities, such as boating, paddleboarding, and kayaking. The area features up to 200 islands, many of which are perfect for hiking. The waterbus Leila operates between the mainland and nearby islands, allowing you to visit places like Laitakari Island, which is popular among those interested in historical cultural relics as well as pristine nature.

Did you know that Kemi serves as the gateway to the Bothnian Bay National Park? You can reach it aboard the sailing ship Perämeren Jähti, whose cruise schedules can be found here.

3. Year-Round SnowCastle Area and Glass Seaside Accommodation

Would you like to stay in the heart of nature, yet still indoors? This luxury is available in the stunning glass accommodations at Kemi’s SnowCastle, where your entire body can relax and your mind can find peace.

Surprise your loved one with an unforgettable stay, enjoying the surrounding nature, the feeling of time standing still, and each other’s company. You can savor breakfast in the beautiful setting of the seaside restaurant in the new main building of the SnowCastle. At the same time, you can admire the intricate ice sculptures every day of the year.

4. Free Museums

Impressive cultural sites complete a successful vacation. Travelers interested in culture should head to the Kemi Cultural Center, home to the Kemi Art Museum, Historical Museum, and Comic Center. The same location also houses the Kemi Library and a café, making it an interesting destination for travelers of all ages. Read magazines and books, enjoy art, and purchase Kemi-themed souvenirs.

5. 100 Hours of Live Music Every Summer

Kemi’s summer is filled with live music and various music events for children, youth, and adults alike. In July, the entire city comes together for the Easy Living in Kemi festival, bringing music within reach of everyone.

Similarly, in July, there’s the Viking Weekend suitable for the little ones, where adventures unfold on Laitakari Island with various Viking-themed activities and booths. This experience begins with a magnificent boat trip to the island. In August, the highly popular Satama Open Air festival takes place, featuring the hottest artists and bands of the moment, along with the summer’s best parties.

Check out all of Kemi’s summer events here.

Summer in Kemi invites you to experience its unique, music-filled, and laid-back atmosphere of a Lapland seaside city! Make Kemi the main destination of your summer road trip or travel to the city leisurely by train.

Explore more of Kemi’s diverse opportunities.