Summer in Kemi


The sun is shining, nature is dressed in green, and Kemi gleams by the waters of the Bothnian Bay.  The city of Kemi is a place where to enjoy the sunny days and white nights this summer. There are a lot of activities available, both for the action-packed as well as for the more leisurely pace. 


Outdoor activities 

Nature trails nearby offer summer outdoor activity at its best, and they are open for everyone. The trails suit both for walking and biking. Many of them are equipped with spots for campfires. So, you are well advised to bring along delicacies, like the all-time favourite of the Finns, sausages. There is even an easy-access observation tower to be found at Kiikeli. Another easy-access attraction is at Veitsiluoto where an easy access 25-metre-long pier and wood bridge has recently been built around a fishing pond.   

If you haven’t tested fat bikes out yet, what better time than now in summer Kemi to have a go! Fat bikes are available to rent with necessary accessories. Participating in guided hiking trails offer slower pace for you to enjoy nature by the archipelago or trek deeper into the surrounding forest, enquires here 

Should the sea lure you to try out more action why not step onto water skis and let the waves refresh you? Or, perhaps wakeboarding, kneeboarding, jet ski rides or bumper tubing is what you are looking for? Too fast-paced? How about rowing a boat? Details of all these sea adventures can be found here. Another bit more leisurely – though equally exiting – activity is kayaking. The beauty of Kemi is revealed even more deeply when gliding by the coastal line. Guided kayaking tours are also available.  

Longing farther away from ashore?  Charter cruises around the Kemi archipelago are great way to spend your time in our coastal Arctic city! There are also three scheduled cruises arranged daily, so you can hop on and off the islands along the route during the day.    

From time to time, it is good to feel the ground under your feet. And the greener the better! Kemi Golf Club has an 18-hole golf course. And, on a smaller scale, a family-friendly Minigolf is located by the inner harbour.  


Something extra 

Did you know there are unique gems and cartoon characters dwelling in Kemi? Kemi Gemstone Gallery and Cartoon Centre both display collections unlike anywhere else. If all these activities warm your heart too much perhaps it is time to plunge into the snow and ice! Kemi SnowCastle Resort welcomes visitors to experience winter splendour even during the high summer. And, trying to sleep while the nights are white is another unique experience. On a sunny day Seaside Glass Villas treat you to enjoy the sun around the clock and are reserved through the SnowCastle Resort. Log cabins provide more traditional accommodation, or if travelling by caravan, Kemi has camping parks by the sea shore and by the Kemijoki river.   

A quiet place can sometimes offer you the right type of break. Kemi Lutheran Church is open for visitors on weekdays between 11 am to 4 pm during the summer months.  

Should you wish to step back in time and feel the local history a smoke hut will be the answer. Located in the city park Meripuisto the smoke hut museum welcomes you to feel the local way of living of the past. The soot stained walls take you right back to the 18th century when the hut was built.


The Kemi inner harbour is the heart of the summer Kemi. It is a lively meeting place along the marina boulevard, just 10 minutes from the city centre. There you will find café and restaurant terraces to be enjoyed by whole family. 

Welcome to Kemi!